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​FOCUS Maritime Training Center is a Maritime Education Institute under the foundation of PT. FOCUS BINA NUSA which was established on April 11, 2001, with the aim of assisting the Government in actively participating in educating the life of the nation.

​FOCUS was founded by Drg. Robert T. Hadipuspito who is also one of the founding members of Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta; one of the top-rated private IT-based universities in Indonesia.

The company's vision is to contribute to the development and progress of the World Education and Maritime Training in Indonesia, especially regarding the training of Indonesian sailors who have sailed both in national and international waters where their marine skills must meet IMO standards in accordance with the regulations listed in the Convention International which refers to the 2010 Manila STCW standard.

Maritime education and training programs organized by the FOCUS Maritime Training Center are provided by experienced maritime instructors and have certificates recognized by IMO, after going through the TOT Program and IMO Model Course 6.09 and 3.12 to further strengthen the maritime training base. Thus, the entire maritime training curriculum implemented by the FOCUS Maritime Training Center has met the 2010 Manila IMO and STCW standards and has been nationally and internationally accredited.


Our vision is to be a reliable institution in the development of human resources through quality training programs to face global competition in the international world



Conduct quality management standards in the implementation of education and training programs

Curriculum System:

Develop a system of education and training curriculum that are oriented to the Maritime target market and the development of global technology

Management of Education and Training Programs:

Managing programs that are supported by highly qualified and dedicated instructors in a learning environment that is oriented to the right direction, spurring students' creative and intellectual development

Partnership Program:

Establish and enhance partnership programs with national and international partners in the fields of curriculum development, practical insight, and recruitment

Quality Policy


The Management team is committed to developing and implementing the Quality Management System and continuously making effective improvements with :

  •  Meet applicable National and International regulations

  •  Communicate to employees about the importance of customer satisfaction

  •  Ensure that quality objectives are established and implemented

  •  Conduct a management audit system periodically

  •  Ensure the availability of quality resources and facilities to enhance human resources

Management Team

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