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​FOCUS Maritime Training Center is a Maritime Education Institute under the foundation of PT. FOCUS BINA NUSA which was established on April 11, 2001, with the aim of assisting the Government in actively participating in educating the life of the nation.

​FOCUS was founded by Drg. Robert T. Hadipuspito who is also one of the founding members of Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta; one of the top-rated private IT-based universities in Indonesia.

The company's vision is to contribute to the development and progress of the World Education and Maritime Training in Indonesia, especially regarding the training of Indonesian sailors who have sailed both in national and international waters where their marine skills must meet IMO standards in accordance with the regulations listed in the Convention International which refers to the 2010 Manila STCW standard.



Focus Maritime Training Center

PT. Focus Bina Nusa


JL. Diklat Pemda No.18F

RT 02 RW 15, Desa Sukabakti, Kec.Curug,

Tangerang - Banten 15810


Phone: 021-59898190 / 91


WA: 0811 10555 018



Open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm